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město Nové Město nad Metují
Nové Město nad Metují

Chateau garden

The chateau garden went through a wide adaptation and revitalization under the guidance of the architect Jurkovič in the years before the 1st world war.

Except for architectonical adaptations he also projected here a warmed greenhouse and water systems, fed from the Metuje River and designated for irrigation, supplying of the fountain and other water elements. 

Chateau garden

Chateau garden Chateau garden

The upper part, in next vicinity of the chateau building, was divided by terraces with flowerbeds and wooden fences. The wooden covered bridge, which is made in the spirit of Valachian folklore constructions, used by Jurkovič as inspiration at its development in 1911, allows you to get to the lower part of the garden. It is divided into three parts. The right one, with the greenhouse, has the sivicultural (supplying) function with the task to supply with flowers, vegetables and other crops. The left part was adapted as the orchard, where the tennis court and the pool were located.

The middle parterre with bosquets, broderies and the baroque fountain fulfills decorative function. Its part is “theatron” with stony figures of the “Dwarf Cabinet”. Together with other sculptures, which are located in front of the main entrance of the chateau, they were created in the workshop of the baroque sculptor in the 1st third of the 18th century. Their original destination was precincts of the baroque magnate, the count F. A. Sporck in Kuks. For decoration and enrichment of the chateau complex in Nové Město were also selected by the architect Jurkovič.

Chateau garden

Chateau garden

The chateau garden Nové Město is a reminiscence of Italian baroque gardens, however with clean elements of the Art-Nouveau stereotype of the period of its origin, mainly in original intentions of the architect Jurkovič in geometry of beds and their planting. It is also the last established formal chateau garden of its kind in our territory before the end of the 20th century.
Chateau garden


Nové Město nad Metují
GPS: 50° 20′ 42.186″N  16° 8′ 54.953″E



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 Nové Město nad Metují
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