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město Nové Město nad Metují
Nové Město nad Metují

Wooden church Slavoňov

Slavoňov is a village about 4 kilometers from Nové Město nad Metují and its part lies in a small fold. Not far from the road, on a gentle slope there is a church with a former parsonage and with a municipal school.


The village belonged to the Frymburk Manor even in the 14th century.
It biggest sightseeing is a church, which used to be a parish church. It was founded in the second half of the 14th century. The first record of it comes from the year 1384. Probably together with the church there was built also a tower, through which one passes in order to get to the graveyard and the church. Its staircase is led outside. This church disappeared in the Hussite period.
The second, which is nowadays at its place, was built in the year 1553. This is also contained in the inscription, which is carved in the wood of the ceiling: "The Slawonow Church was built Anno Domini 1553! Initial costs were paid by Jan Koltačka and Jan, his son. There were three masters: one of Leipzig, the other of Opava, the third of Zhlohovy. That time it was built of wood."
The church belonged to the Utraquists, which can be seen from the chalice in the transversal beam between the church aisle and the presbytery. There are figures of twelve apostles and of Christ falling below the cross. In 1705 the church was painted in a varicolored way. Later on the colors were white-washed over, and then even covered with oil paint. It however flaked off, and therefore renovation of the original painting could have been started again. Renovation was successful from the bigger part.
Both the Koltačkas were allegedly rich peasants of Blažkov. The church was also equipped with the chantry property.
Some time in history there was a painting of St. Martin on the main altar and the church was dedicated to this saint and this dedication has remained so far. In the church you can find precious monuments, as the font, pulpit and others.
The belfry was not destroyed; it is original, and therefore older than the current church. The church is an important monument of the whole region and it is often visited not only by believers, but also by monument admirers.


GPS: 50° 20′ 35.028″N  16° 11′ 51.762″E


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