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město Nové Město nad Metují
Nové Město nad Metují

Husovo Square

Husovo Square


Area of the square

The square is located 324 m above the sea level; it is 143 meters long and 68 meters wide. The chateau tower is 54 meters high, the church tower 40 meters high and the temple tower 46 meters high.

The square was paved in the year 1934. In 1951 to 1954 gables were renovated and also modernization of the northern block of houses together with modification of apartments was performed.

In 1973 the surface of the parking lot in the square was covered with the acid resistant paving. Surface of triangles developed in this way along both sides of the road has 1864 m2. Rest of the square area is paved. That time even appearance of arcades was improved by introduction of lighting and occasional lighting of facades, sculptures and chateau.

The current appearance of the square is the result of a reconstruction from 2011. The reconstruction included road re-paving, the construction of an elevated walkway for pedestrians along the arcade, and the installation of new public lighting in the square. 

Husovo Square


Layout of houses

Houses in the square were solved quite in a unified way. Lower entrance areas were provided with the cylindrical vault. On the ground floor there was a big mazhaus, a spacious room, which was usually used for handicraft and for sales of products. In the ground floor there is a corridor leading to the back tract with the exit to the courtyard and to the backhouse area, the staircase goes to cellars and up to the floor. On the ground floor there was even one more small room. With exception of the lower mazhaus there was also the upper mazhaus. In addition there were even other rooms on the first floor of the townsman’s apartment together with the black cuisine and conical vaulted chimney of Italian provenance. From the first floor it was possible to access the attic.

Even at foundation of the town there was taken in consideration that each house should have its background in form of farming land out of the town. These lots, e.g. in Bořetín, were divided according to position of houses. However it was only initial decision, which it was not possible to maintain, since sales resulted in changes.


Husovo Square

Emblems on houses

In history each house had its emblem. From time to time it is however necessary to renew a facade or at least a paint and to retain the emblem is extrawork. Therefore only the golden star in the blue round field on the house No. 1222, golden ram No. 1223, painting of the Savior No. 1230 and the blue star in the white round field No. 1223 have remained till today. Stylization of the Kosek’s business company and three stars of the house No. 1234 are of newer date. There is neither a green tree in the festooned field on the house No. 1213, nor a lion on the house No. 1229, nor a golden sphere in the niche of No. 1237, nor an elephant on the No. 1238 and nor two wide axes in the sandstone in the house No. 1242, where the butchery was. The newest house emblem – miner’s lamps – were added in the 90’s of the 20th century on the house No. 1236, which became a property of the Kahanecs family (a miner’s lamp is “kahan” in Czech). 

House emblem  House emblem  House emblem  House emblem  House emblem   House emblem 

Selected buildings in the square

For easier identification of individual houses there are given today’s allocated numbers. In Nové Město nad Metují houses were numbered in 1785. It is not so long time when there was A at numbers of houses in the square, B at numbers of houses of Krajské předměstí and C at numbers of houses of Horské předměstí. This marking was cancelled. There was added 1200 to numbers of houses in the square, 1000 to numbers of houses of Horské předměstí and numbers in Krajské předměstí remained unchanged.

The northern section of the square consists of houses numbering 1202-1211 and Zázvorka. Following the discovery of the original Pernštejn facades and gable walls, the northern section of houses was reconstructed in the years from 1951 to 1954. The houses thus once again reclaimed their former Renaissance appearance from the 1530s with their typical "swallowtails."
Nowadays there is a gallery and an information center in house No. 1210.
The eastern front of houses in Hus Square
The eastern section of the square consists of houses numbering 1212-1226. Today, the houses numbered 1225 and 1226 are home to a museum and tourist information centre.
The southern front of houses in Hus Square
The southern section of the square consists of houses numbering 1227-1233 and Saint Trinity Church.
The western front of houses in Hus Square
The western section of the square consists of houses numbering 1234-1245.
Hus Square well
During reconstruction in 2009, four arches forming a very irregular square ground plan were uncovered near the Holy Trinity Column.
Marian Column
The Marian Column, in other works also the Column of Virgin Mary, is a baroque monument. It was built in the year 1696 at the expenses of the town as expression of gratitude that the plague epidemic had missed the town. It happened 15 years after the plague epidemic and these fifteen years are evidence that the town had big financial problems at that time.
Sculptural group of the Holy Trinity
The sculptural group of the Holy Trinity has been in the square since 1767, when it was built at the town’s expenses as a thanksgiving for termination of the Seven Year‘s War. It is a Rococo sandstone sculptural group on a high pedestal. During alignment of the square surface in 1905 there had to be added other stairs to the sculptural group.
Stony fountain, Husovo Square
The first stony fountain is of the year 1663. It was ordered at the stonecutter in Machov, who made it of one sandstone rock. In 1954 the fountain had to give place to Smetana’s monument and it moved to the other side of the entrance road to the chateau in the chateau park, where it has been standing so far.

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