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Stony fountain, Husovo Square

The first stony fountain is of the year 1663. It was ordered at the stonecutter in Machov, who made it of one sandstone rock. In 1954 the fountain had to give place to Smetana’s monument and it moved to the other side of the entrance road to the chateau in the chateau park, where it has been standing so far.

Stony fountain, Husovo Square

The heavy fountain with weight of 6 ton was brought in winter on a specially made sleigh: transportation lasted five days and bridges had to be strengthened because of it. The transport aroused agitation in three manors. The fountain was placed next to the small lake.

Later on it was moved to Horské předměstí in front of the house No. 1006 and then again returned to the square in 1932, specifically in front of the manor brewery, which was being destroyed by this time. The owner of the chateau paid for it to the town 500 crowns.

GPS: 50° 20′ 38.649″N  16° 9′ 2.356″E

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