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Sculptures and sculptural groups

small sacred buildings, crosses

Marian Column

The Marian Column, in other works also the Column of Virgin Mary, is a baroque monument. It was built in the year 1696 at the expenses of the town as expression of gratitude that the plague epidemic had missed the town. It happened 15 years after the plague epidemic and these fifteen years are evidence that the town had big financial problems at that time.

Sculptural group of the Holy Trinity

The sculptural group of the Holy Trinity has been in the square since 1767, when it was built at the town’s expenses as a thanksgiving for termination of the Seven Year‘s War. It is a Rococo sandstone sculptural group on a high pedestal. During alignment of the square surface in 1905 there had to be added other stairs to the sculptural group.


Statue of St. John of Nepomuk

Sandstone statue from 1709.

Sculpture of St. James

The sculpture of St. James, moved from the demolished Church of St. Salvador, is next to the church wall.

Sculpture of Jan Černčický of Kácov

At occasion of the 500th anniversary of foundation of the town there was unveiled the sculpture of the town founder, Jan Černčický of Kácov, in the space between the club house and the dean church, the author of which is the academic sculptor Petr Novák of Jaroměř. .

Sculpture "Allegory Metuje"

Since October 2006 the "Allegory Metuje" by the academic sculptor Olbram Zoubek observes river from the rocky promontory at the entrance to the historical square at Zázvorka.

Monument of Bedřich Smetana

The monument of Bedřich Smetana represents a decoration of the church of a very high value. It was located in the park in front of the chateau in 1954. The author of the sculpture is a local native, the academic sculptor Josef Marek. He depicted Smetana in a very sophisticated way and his approach exceeded works of other sculptors.